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growth, decay, transformation 


#emmy nominated television


i love conspiracy theories bc at first you think they’re utter bullshit but then you start reading these crackpot articles and suddenly you’re convinced Obama is actually a reptilian overlord and the moon landing was faked


im very disappointed. when the flyer said “come watch the great dane cook live” i wasn’t expecting a white man telling bad jokes. i thought i payed $50 to watch a dog prepare a meal

ugh ugh ugh desperately trying to finish my grad school essays but i cannot. i’m like completely rambling in them and am finding it near impossible to say what i need to say. 


get to know me meme: favorite male characters [5/5] → Tim Riggins

“This young man has done a lot of things wrong. I’ve seen him do a dozen things wrong, but let me tell you something right now. He is not a bad young man, and he’s certainly not a criminal. And I can tell you this kid right here has got more heart than almost any person I know.”

my fan randomly started squeaking yesterday and if it doesn’t stop asap i’m going to murder someone


if you’re ever really sad you should probably go look at cake wrecks. your life won’t improve or anything but you’ll probably be too busy trying to decide why the word “ultrasound” is suddenly so funny to you to remember why you were sad, at least for a little while


yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist