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i was just walking back to my room with a glass of ice water in one hand and a mug of piping hot coffee in the other. Guess which one I took a huge gulp of without thinking about it. My entire mouth is now burnt.

bloop bloop so far this morning I have preliminarily finished my history essay, scheduled to meet with my english partner, written three anxiety inducing emails (one to my professor about grades she has missing for me, one to teh leader of this creative inquiry to see if I got in or not, and one to this bitchy receptionist lady asking if I can get put into this class). and I got a 92 on my last history exam which would be way more exciting but in this dumbass class a 93 is an A. Like sir. I’m not in high school anymore. please no. 

blah blah i’ve only written 2 pages of my history paper.. only 3 more to go. i think i’m just going to get my main points down and whatever baseline informaiton i need and then I’m going ot go back and add in all teh primary source examples I have because trying to switch back and forth between writing and trying to find the source i need is taking FOREVER. ugh this paper is the worst.




Gifset: Goats aggressively stickking their tongues out.


Stage 1 of goats taking over the internet is in place.

my crazy roommate’s parents just got here and I’m really tired and don’t feel like interacting with them but I’m also really hungry and want to make dinner but they’re standing in our kitchen so like…. looks like i’m going to just have to wait them out….

Watch out for that fence.